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Album cover, 1999.

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Text by Terre Thaemlitz accompanying the Bandcamp release of the album “Soil” (1995) questioning the position of the ambient listener:

“This album was first released through Instinct Records, the owners of which were opposed to my inclusion of any overtly political or sexual texts that might upset their US and European listeners – whom they envisioned to be a-political, spiritual butterflies of an extremely delicate nature.”

Check it out and support the artist:



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Album cover, 2005.

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Album cover, 2004.

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Animation video accompanying ambient compilation mix, 1993.

Trip level: High.

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CD inlay, 1993.

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CD inlay, 1993.

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CD inlay, 1994.

An attempt to map ambient music.

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Album cover, 1994.

Very cool title.

Boredom does exist – and it’s deep and mysterious.

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Studio of Jake Stephenson, around 2005.

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Cool interview with legendary producer (and gardener) Pete Namlook working with ambient music as a transporter of intense emotions as opposed to musical wallpaper.