Jake Show Tracklists

Episode 6

ganja beats – deep tranquility

ganja beats – sister bliss

white star – purple lights

ganja beats – the lost forest

crystal moon – white star (ultra chill mix)

crystal moon – sundream

life cycle – the flower of life

alien mutation – shimmer

alien mutation – the aliens are coming

Episode 5

crystal moon – meditate

dr. psychedelic – let’s try some energy

shamanic tribes on acid – with the wind blows peace

dreams – i feel peaceful

alien mutation – water

colourform – diving into sun

dj psychedelic – the golden light

jake stephenson – sunrise

Episode 4

euphoria – floating fractals

sound dimension – cool breeze

mekhala – cherish

3rd eye – dreamy spliff

bass meditation – welcome to paradise

euphoria – another day in paradise

ganja beats – celestial vibration

ganja beats – utopia

euphoria – full moon rising (reefa mix)

ganja beats – energy

eclipse – outer limits

Episode 3

23 degrees – the end of new beginnings

b so global – those little blue galaxies again

terre thaemlitz – trucker

electric skychurch – outside

further – angel’s little house

pelican daughters – the bicycle ride

uon – solaris

omicron – tranquility base

777 – fay deau deau

Episode 2

love joys – sweet feelings

janet kay – i do love you

janet kay – you bring the sun out

jennifer lara – in my time

tinga stewart – aware of love

pure silk – love games

dennis brown – i’m coming home tonight

tinga stewart – i am gonna fall on love

cornell campbell – boxing around

tyrone evans – love vibration

chosen brothers – there you are

tikiman – so sure

jennifer lara – slow dancing

leroy gibbons – lonely lover

jennifer lara – dont play games

tyrone evans – sometimes i cry

Episode 1

tikiman – dr. degree

tradition – the creepy crawl

african head charge – family doctoring

creation rebel – starship africa section 3

mystic red corporation – still walking

tradition – frenzied friends

augustus pablo – each one dub

creation rebel – space movement section 2

scientist – match four

dub syndicate – red sea version

burnt friedman & the nu dub players – just landed

mystic red corporation – red mercury

burnt friedman & the nu dub players – worldwide watchdog peepshow

augustus pablo – java dub

wackies rhythm force – so much dub

burnt friedman & the nu dub players – riddiculation riddim

duke of harringay – toast for hardy